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[Graph article] old somewhat " listen " 6 MP3 players that fit an old person
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Function: Stage report T18 uses STMP3504 decipher chip, model of effect of sound of 6 kinds of of support outstanding EQ and 2 kinds define phonic effect oneself, have HI-FI acoustic quality. The video file of the different pattern that still can carry the network up and down gives changeover software through be being added randomly relaxed changeover is SMV video file, other still have a picture to browse shrink put, electronic book is read, FM collects sound, fixed firmware to upgrade wait for a function, 24 hours exceed Chang Xuhang ability to also can allow senile user shake up the pillow and have a good sleep.

6, patriot F958
Exterior operation: Patriot F958 used white piano to bake lacquer face plate, 260 thousand exceed big TFT liquid crystal lubriciously to display screen, the resolution of 220 X176, indication effect clarity is fluent, even if the old people with not quite good eyes also can be at ease use. The develop a school of one's own on key-press layout, a big circular key-press is among, two small key-press distributing both sides, key-press surface all is handled with grinding arenaceous craft, feel is comfortable, user operation is convenient.
Function: Patriot F958 supports the music of the format such as MP3, WMA to broadcast, have a variety of loop pattern, back the aspect of video of recording function; of WAV format, can support file of video of encode of AVI format Xvid directly, and achieve 20 ~ of 24 frame broadcast the effect. Other side, this MP3 still has a picture to browse, the practical function such as reception of a radio of little game, FM. Those who deserve attention still have the place inside patriot F958 Mini SD card inserts groove, the user can read more picture directly on MP3, the data such as electronic text. Inside buy lithium battery, real test can broadcast frequency file nearly 20 hours continuously.

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