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Buy variety for the Olympic Games -- Beijing: Uncle aunt alley points to a road
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area of sea of assorted Buddhist templeput on the brakes about a hundred alley says clearly to guest of world each country, can not be the skill that in one day can drill. The Beijing that has this ability on the west the city zone is silver-colored age the Olympic Games is volunteer 60 old people that serve a line, will produce oneself advantage adequately during the Olympic Games, offer for tourist of China and foreign countries provide service of old Beijing olfactory most.
Silver age Olympic Games serves the volunteer of the team to had passed 6 a period of ten years in one's age mostly, do not belittle these grey-haired old people, their everybody is in before mount guard the English that university of old age of the city zone accepted two years of above on the west grooms, once perhaps had been engaged in a foreign language in the past relevant job. During the Olympic Games, they choose the service station in periphery of sea of assorted Buddhist templeput on the brakes, offer a translation to tourist of China and foreign countries, point to the volunteer service such as the road.
Before before long, site of service of the person that be located in the Yin Lingzhi near respectful Wang Fu to wish takes the lead in “ opens business ” , volunteers are thrown in busy job immediately. Do you know “ how does Song Qingling former residence go? A nonlocal tourist asks ” Chen Shuyu's aunt. In Na Daxiang of respectful king government office phoenix the old aunt that alley stayed in 44 years, to know sth like the palm of one's hand of the alley of periphery of sea of assorted Buddhist templeput on the brakes, tourist attraction. She mixes the name of 67 alley that want a course patiently ordinal to the tourist one by one dilatancy, the tourist admires so that nod again and again, thank repeatedly say: The alley of “ our Beijing is really beautiful, the old person dishy of our Beijing! ”
Besides, volunteers still will use his real life experience, the Beijing flavour that reveals rich and colorful to the tourist culture, the material benefit that tells about Beijing old city to protect a citizen to bring and convenient. The Zhao uncle of forward position of the sea after living in says: “ we not only point to a road to foreign tourist, the small courtyard that still can ask them to be repaired newly to our home midday sits, eat a bowl of Old Beijing Bean Paste Noodles (face of old Beijing fried bean sauce) , assure to let a foreigner envy our happy life of old Beijing! ”

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