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Disaster area old person comprises 300 people to be thankful the team is condola
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Since May 27, 2008, a disaster area of city of Fang of assorted of seismic heavy disaster area is active “ assorted Fang that forms by local volunteer person love is thankful team ” , more than days 40, they recruit 300 people from 17 people, oneself give money to give content to exert oneself, expressed sympathy and solicitude for the of all kinds team of 72 rescuing disaster area, extended “ love is thankful enunciative ”5 more than 10000, dissolve civilian complain countless. The ” of group of work of “ folk politics of the Fang is assorted that has person.
On July 9, 2008, after the earthquake 58 days. Burning sun sorching, weather is sultry.

Afternoon 3:30, before the house of 1000 mobile board that aid of city of Liaoning province Dalian builds a team to press down village of white jade river to build in Shuangsheng of assorted Fang city, simple grand however be thankful the ceremony is undertaking.

30 dress imprint “ love is thankful the love of person of disaster area of “ assorted Fang of ” white T-shirt is thankful team ” member discharges two, 20 delegates that Dalian aid builds a line are on. In grave and solemn and respectful atmosphere, stand in silent tribute of the person that crew is seismic die in an accident a minute. Next, be thankful the team builds a team to bow to aid greeting.

Be thankful group leader of a group, Pan Wenzhong of 61 years old delivers feeling thank-you speech: You are taking “ the affectionate kindness of villager of Dalian elders of a country or district comes to assorted Fang, the construction miracle of room of 8000 mobile board was finished inside 30 days, assorted Fang person won't forget your loving-kindness forever, we thank your …… on behalf of assorted Fang people”

The heart that “ is thankful, acknowledgment has your ……” to be in be thankful team chorally " the heart that be thankful " in song sound, be thankful team member builds a team to serve ten box egg and water of healthy atmosphere of wrinkled giant hyssop to aid.

We had accepted “ a lot of government sectors still have average villager 0 medicinal powder the acknowledgment that come loose, but this is very special, they are initiative organizations be thankful team. Benedictory saying is very common, but the ceremony that be thankful lets a person use a facial expression. ” Dalian aid builds Zhang Zhiming of group general director to say to the reporter.

Actually Dalian aid builds a line already was “ love is thankful the 72nd of team ” is thankful group.

“ love is thankful team ” is in assorted Fang disaster area is almost well-known. This is a complete folk is thankful team, all members are joined of one's own accord, oneself give money to give content to give labor power, not collection any units, any is thankful the one fine long hair of the object pay.
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