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Blind mother opens massage inn to earn money to treat a disease for the son
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Blind mother opens massage inn to earn money to treat a disease for the son
Yang Yanli (left one) tell about oneself to save to the reporter with the husband wish. Wang Lei of our newspaper reporter is photographed

Report from our correspondent (Wang Bo of reporter Peng Kefeng's trainee) lose the sight 18 years old; 27 years old are produced below one child hind double leg breaks down; When 31 years old, son dash forward have malignant tumor, require 500 thousand cost, although the blind Yang Yanli that comes from Inner Mongolia experiences too much misfortune, still face life strongly however. Yesterday afternoon, yang Yanli expresses, the hope produces his specialty, in Beijing blind opening the home massages inn, the edge earns money to treat a disease for the son by the side of.

18 years old lose the sight

Yesterday afternoon, inside corridor of division of blood of Beijing children hospital, blind Yang Yanli plays marital hand closely, tear is poured out of in the orbit that does not have a god absently. She says, she thinks him tear is dried already, but face serious defect of the son, she or meeting cannot help coming to tears.

When 18 years old, just when spend the Yang Yanli of season to lose the sight suddenly, look for overmuch home hospital to also be not diagnosed give a reason. “ I feel whole to the world collapses at that time. ” darkness makes originally lively Yang Yanli disposition gradually indrawn, she begins to close her in house all the day. She says, as the blind, when communicating with others, she has a kind of self-abased feeling.

Fortunately, below the introduction of neighbour, yang Yanli and Shi Xiaofei of the youth that be the same as an area went one case. Encourage in what history dawn flies below, yang Yanli begins study to massage, master massage basic technology. 2000, two people are fond of knot happy match.

Parturient hind break down accidentally

2004, yang Yanli is produced below one child, name grand grand (alias) . The son is born after 3 months, she discovers she also stood not to rise again suddenly. Hospital examine bring up the rear is informed, she suffers from osteomyelitis, double leg has broken down, the possibility of rehabilitation is not large. “ I am acedia, but the husband persuades me not to abandon. ”

Subsequently, marital Shi Xiaofei is taking a wife to hold the post of grave, begin to teach oneself acupuncture. Be in preliminary control after the essentials of give or have an acupuncture treatment, shi Xiaofei begins to have acupuncture cure and acupuncture point massage to the wife everyday. I do not worry about “ he plunges into a fault, I believe his ” . Yang Yanli says.

Perhaps be the force of love, after half an year, marital acupuncture had the effect, yang Yanli begins to feel double to the leg had effort. After a year, she can walk like normal person eventually.
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