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Blind mother opens massage inn to earn money to treat a disease for the son
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Son body has malignant tumor

Subsequently, yang Yanli's couple hired storefront in city holding the post of grave, open an one domestic massage room. Yang Yanli is in charge of be being massaged to the person, the husband takes care of her life daily life, the son is put in bare peak native place to be taken care of by Yang Yanli's mother.

This year the beginning of the year, grand grand of 4 years old begins often collywobbles, at first Yang Yanli's mother was not cared about. After the hospital is checked, consider as common lymph node phlogistic. Dan Haohao's illness did not improve, abdomen also appears strut. At this moment, yang Yanli's mother just imparts the information of child go to the bad Yang Yanli.

By this year May, yang Yanli and husband are taking a son to come to Beijing children hospital, via doctor examination, preliminary diagnose tumor of the wall that it is bowel, require hospitalization.

On June 12, beijing children hospital is right grand grand undergo surgery. After the operation, the tumour that the courtyard just discovers him is gold of blame Huo Ji lymphatic tumour, it is a kind of malignant tumor, still be in after excision diffuse, need those who have half an year to change cure, heal of the ability after 3 years two, remedial charge needs at least 500 thousand.

Set up shop of maternal desire Beijing is saved child

For cure son, yang Yanli thought way. She goes out massage room guaranty above all, procuration 20 thousand yuan, lend money everywhere through father subsequently, prepare 100 thousand yuan finally. But these money are far insufficient still.

Shi Xiaofei says, now everyday charge of be in hospital needs the least 559, I dare not go to “ now see my Zhang face go up to still leave how many money. ”

Yesterday afternoon, yang Yanli says, oneself had thought way, but the charge that still cannot plan a son to treat. Yang Yanli hopes to produce his specialty, in Beijing blind opening the home massages inn, the edge earns money to treat a disease for the son by the side of. I know “ not to make how many money possibly, but anyway, I want cure my son. ”

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