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International oil price drops oil price of finished product of many expert propo
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25 days, international oil price continued that day fall after a rise, price of futures of Comex crude oil falls to 123 dollars / bucket, since achieving 7 weeks new low. To this, many expert expresses when accepting newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities to interview, international oil price may drop to 100 dollars in second half of the year, ease the pressure that Chinese prices rises too quickly thereby, strive for larger space for macroscopical adjusting control.
Demand of international crude oil decreases

Oil price of 25 days of international with every pails of 147.27 dollars that achieve 11 days this month dish in photograph of historical record high is compared, price of futures of crude oil of Newyork city field already accumulative total drops more than 24 dollars, drop amount to 16% .

To this, be engaged in what economy studies technically reading extensively Zhu Yin of researcher of finance and economics thinks, of oil price rise momentum won't continue continuously forever, current, the ingredient that makes oil price callback has appeared.

The first element is occurrence changeover of crude oil supply and demand, demand decreases quickly. American respect, beautiful couplet store chairman Bainake expressed recently, finance price of fatigued and weak, house drops, obtain employment rate falls and the commodity price that rises ceaselessly, make American economy faces heavy difficulty. Zhu Yin thinks, if be in the United States of economic depression drive, global economy is immersed in decline, demand of international crude oil drops greatly, oil price is met cruel defeat.

The 2nd element depends on, two rooms of “ the instinct of risk of evasive money market mirrors the investor after ” crisis erupts. Data of exchange of futures of new York energy shows, in the past since 12 months, the travel authority price that supports a storehouse to identify buy period to counterpoise is centered at 100, 110, 120 with 130 dollars, approach these crucial price when market price case when, the short empty storehouse that seek gains profit meeting grow in quantity, hit futures price to these crucial price.

Zhu Yin thinks, if oil price is apart from some to maintain a warehouse concentrated col is enough close, it increases twice to the attraction of oil price, bring about fall after a rise to be like the power that has bold and flowing. Considering the 3 positions that hold a storehouse thick and fast greatly, epicycle oil price drops may explore continuously 120, 110, 100 dollars col.

The expert thinks, once oil price drops trend establish, each country Central Bank can choose to shake his monetary policy, give a power to save economic declining tendency. Policy of macroscopical adjusting control also is faced with the face difficult choice that defends inflation or antirust to choose no longer.

Finished product oil price should early “ conforms”

Nevertheless, oil price drops the time that leaves our country macroscopical adjusting control is likely too won't long. The expert thinks, should seize the rare opportunity that oil price of second half of the year drops, perfect mechanism of price of finished product oil as soon as possible, stimulative industry structural adjustment.
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