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International oil price drops oil price of finished product of many expert propo
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Zhu Yin points out, because mode of each country life, development mode did not produce materiality change, demand hard significant fall after a rise, oil price is long-term the trend will still rise. In the meantime, below the banner of globalization, property of high-energy bad news is extensive transfer to the developing country. In these two elements the influence falls, structure of global oil consumption appeared the change with this disappear senior those. According to statistic, the spending that organizes member country via closing falls continuously, and spending of rising market state rises continuously.

In addition, crude oil serves as supply to master in forestall group hand cannot renewable resources, still have the strongest appeal to congenial capital undoubtedly.

Accordingly, zhu Yin thinks, after the mood of nominal changes drain to finish, when investor evaluates the market again with neutral position, they can discover insecurity of supply and demand still is thematic, of early days steeping fall is a dak nevertheless.

The expert also points out, if be in,finite oil price drops inside the passageway, china cannot accomplish reform of mechanism of price of finished product oil, the change is current high cost can, the economy of tall pollution grows way, rise again when international oil price when, chinese economy will face more awkward condition.

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