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Abstruse meeting opening ceremony directs incomplete: Invite Li Yueyuan to repor
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Abstruse meeting opening ceremony directs incomplete: Invite Li Yueyuan to report at Li Yue is in Beijing incomplete is performed on abstruse meeting opening ceremony. Reporter He Yanguang photographs our newspaper

In Beijing incomplete the fireworks that sets off on abstruse meeting just concealed goes, immediately of a press conference was held at 0 o'clock now. Abstruse meeting opening ceremony carries out Beijing incomplete to always directed Zhang Jigang to loosen at a heat, he says, opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games revealed a massiness to the world and the picture scroll of brilliant Chinese civilization, beijing incomplete the home that the opening ceremony of abstruse meeting represented a sweet harmony to the mankind.

Before this, zhang Jigang bore the pressure that the ordinary person stands hard. He expresses, the Olympic Games was held to open the field of same and individual Yo of closure in the success, hold damage again abstruse meeting opening ceremony, should accomplish likewise " have in everybody heart, everybody the wording and purpose of what one writes is not had " , this difficulty is very big.

Abstruse meeting opening ceremony uses incomplete unique artistic allegation kind told about dimensional journey, time journey and life journey to everybody. Zhang Jigang says: "We want to carry such show namely, reveal a kind of great humanitarian, show the brilliance of a kind of human nature, strive to be able to be accomplished go touching a person between beautiful state, make it more more more more romantic, lightsome, warm, happy, can illuminate gives all life to have honor, all life are valuable, illuminate gives all life is a such the basiccest concepts that have a dream. Illuminate gives all life is a such the basiccest concepts that have a dream..

From the point of the reaction of spot audience, such concept got be reflectinged racily. So, the Zhang Yi that always directs as this opening ceremony sought the group that gives his none hesitantly to hit 100 minutes.

Incomplete the plan of abstruse meeting opening ceremony is born at the same time with the originality plan of Olympic Games opening ceremony almost, and let Li Yue, this is in the ballet girl that misfortune of epicenter of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River loses left leg appears in idea on the opening ceremony, it is to come from at a few months before. "Although the earthquake divests my left leg, but I do not abandon ballet dream forever. " this word that reads Li Yue on newspaper when Zhang Jigang, immediately hot tear is filled with the socket of eye. "Be in that momently, I thought of to want to invite Li Yue come over. " he says. Performing " the steps that always jumps ceaselessly " in, the deaf person actor that comes from group of Chinese disabled art and prince of a ballet became the dancing partner that Li Yue waves ceaselessly.
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