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New dream goes straight towards Xiang Lundui from Beijing
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Arrive from August 8, 2008 on August 24, the story that Chinese Beijing place produces, the beautiful picture scroll in making contemporary Olympic history. The torch of the 29th Olympic Games, went out in bird's nest of Chinese country stadium last night. London mayor had accepted Olympic flag in Beijing, after this mark wears 4 years, the fire of Olympic will be lighted afresh in London.

On this Olympic Games, chinese sports delegacy with achievement of gold gross first, showed gymnastic glamour to common people; And at the same time, china regards a host country as the support that provides on this Olympic Games and public service, also made the gold that China receives in glory. These are accompanying people to be evaluated to the height of Beijing Olympic Games, by collect carefully and yearning.

The Olympic Games is not one the individual's games. On current Olympic Games, share 55 delegacy to win gold, 87 delegacy win medal, the delegacy that wins medal is all previous Olympic Games is most. On competition ground, people cheers for the different citizenship, different name, athlete that is acquainted none. Get 8 gold alone when American athlete Feierpusi, be in when Boerte of Jamaica dash athlete man 100 meters, 200 rice, 4 × gain the championship entirely in 100 meters of matches, break world record entirely, the applause of the audience and hurrah situation are like thunderous.

Russia athlete Yixinbayewa says: Only the sky is my limit. So, we say: Only the dream is the terminus of the Olympic Games.

The dream of Olympic is not the dream of a country. On the Olympic Games competition ground of Beijing, more countries use medal and the breakthrough that take part in the match, reveal their dream, revealing them is not the group that is forgotten by Olympic. Auspicious of Mongolia, Togo, Afghanistan, tower overcomes the delegacy such as Si Tan, win gold or medal first on Beijing Olympic Games. In addition, current Olympic Games broke 43 worlds record in all. Sports is the mankind's mutual dream, transcended color of skin, devotional, culture, language, on this playground, because of equality so happy and exalted.

The Olympic Games also has gymnastic charm not merely. The sports consciousness of a nation or country, can affect its spirit quality directly; And the wonderful place of an Olympic Games, those who reflect is the value pursuit of a world. No matter be case,the photograph of Lujiya and athlete of Russia two countries has one mouth, still be German player Shitaina die wife photograph and Olympic Games gold are raised high, still be Qiusuo of German gymnastics player Weijinna treats a disease for the son and " senile " take part in the match... flare at the same time with human nature, still have feel relieved, persistence and love. The behavior of these glaring humanism brightness, make the case that be decided eternity.

At the moment, this is a Chinese not only oneiromancy of hundred years Olympic Games, also be the world oneiromancy that contemporary Olympic moves. Because of the Olympic Games, we promoted a city actual strength, improvement the people lives, advanced urban culture, aggrandizement citizen consciousness. The connotation of humanitarian, green and science and technology, it is the keyword that Chinese society stability develops actually. On one hand, the public lives from traffic, place, culture the progress that wait is benefited apparently; On the other hand, volunteer group is built to the compose of citizen society, international communication becomes the normal state that common people lives, the city manages farther human nature to change... the development of soft actual strength more come from 30 years to come the power that social interior accumulates, and the Olympic Games is opposite this kind ascensive longing was aroused. Each days after the Olympic Games, we still can continue to show this kind of enterprise, creativity, sense of responsibility.
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