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New dream goes straight towards Xiang Lundui from Beijing
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7 years prepare, 16 days blossom, from chase after a dream to arrive oneiromancy, run quickly to new dream from the dream -- , in future, people can remember summit summit records the human gymnastic of the generation on current Olympic Games, still can miss cubic metre of bird's nest, water in classical momently. But the most important is, people can remember contemporary Olympic motion be in the capital of an old state, show the freedom that give, equality, go all out in work and happy. The Olympic Games is held in a developing country, international Olympic committee ever predicted: "Beijing Olympic Games will leave unique legacy to China and world athletic sports. " today, prophecy comes true.

Holy fire although extinguish, the dream is depended on light. Yesterday evening, in delivering London mayor hand as Olympic banner, the look of people is cast to the peak of the London after 4 years. This is the dream from Beijing Olympic Games, run quickly to the new dream of London Olympic Games. And each dream, will make dreamy passion of the mankind burns, and more bright.

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