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Zhang Yi is sought for the opening ceremony performance group hits 100 minutes t
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Total director Zhang Yi seeks opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games to say today, to this performance group hits 100 minutes. Zhang Yi is sought say, whole group yesterday evening expressional can says perfect.

Center of news of 2008 Beijing international is held today " the Chinese element of opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games " press conference, zhang Yi is sought as above is made state when speaking of the problem that make component.

Zhang Yi is sought say, a such large multimedia square, the performance of this kind of stereo sex is first time all over the world, there perhaps is very hard 10 years to repeat in future, because it is special complex, need the each the individual's effort of the group, not mere the point of view that holds from traditional organization will tell, however from contemporary, of sophisticated technology, science and technology all contemporary the mixture that is together with traditional method runs, grade separation runs, very complex. Complex degree can be 100 times of a film.

Zhang Yi is sought express, whole group yesterday evening expressional can says perfect, very difficult. If ask any becomes the expert of large activity, ask any the person, any asks the person on the earth, want him to had done large activity only, he is in yesterday evening the spot, he knows that is to comparative quite complex, that is to need to comparative quite tacit cooperate to be being stared at with ground of everybody cautious and conscientious, ability won't give any careless mistake.

He says, group yesterday evening the instant till ignition, everybody is crying, everybody is proud, hit 100 minutes for the group so.

Zhang Yi is sought say, this collaboration is in conflict, accredit, on the foundation of the last common cause, this group is a very lovely group really.

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