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Research discovers nurturance is alkalescent dietary habit can prevent cardiovas
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Consider to discover, eat alkalescent food to be able to maintain blood to show more alkalescent, make blood medium the acidity material such as lactic acid, urea decreases, can prevent its to be in charge of the deposit on the wall in blood, have the effect of bate blood-vessel consequently, reason someone call alkalescent food " blood and hemal cleaner " .

The acid that says here is alkalescent, not be the property of food itself, after showing food is absorbed through digesting however, stay in the property of the element inside body. Common acidity element has nitrogen, carbon, sulfur to wait; Common basic element has potassium, natrium, calcic, magnesium to wait. Some food if taste of tomato, orange is very sour, it is genuine alkali sex food however, because they are inside body,the final element after metabolization is potassium element. Popularly says, rice, flour, flesh kind, fish, egg kind waiting for food is acidity food almost, and vegetable, fruit, milk, sweet potato, potato, bean products and aquatic product it is alkalescent food.

Same, when choosing daily drinking water, we also should choose alkalescent water. To water, whether to contain in water mineral with microelement it is the key that decides sex of its soda acid. The water in nature, be like water of spring, lake to wait is alkalescent water commonly, what because nature gifts,its abound is mineral with microelement. And clean water, just as its name implies, divide besides water in water child, whats are done not have, nature of ability in swimming shows acidity. Because was added artificially,shed the water of person factory material of travel in the market now mineral, destroyed the soda acid equilibrium of water, still show acidity than clean water even.

Notice scientific food, improve prandial composition, strengthen physical training, and the habits and customs with good nurturance, hemal sclerosis is expected to get delaying alleviation changeover.

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