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Who raises you after 30 years?
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Who raises you after 30 years, the answer is exclusive it seems that, oneself raise oneself.
Raise preventing often is answer of an equipment choosing probably, but our sexagenarian parents had shaken his head probably, how can count on the children that there are 78 years old only today, are 4 old people raised after 30 years?

A of this backside serious problem is, had we hoped the old age of what lives?

In fact, the importance that provide for the aged plans depends on: After retiring 30 years, want not only living, and want to be able to have dignity land living, want to there is enough money even in leisure time, make oneself can ground of wonderful, comfortable, stable, calm is living.

If we abandoned raising prevent old idea, what provide for the aged does that rely on?

Everybody knows 3 pillar that social provide for the aged ensures: Provide for the aged of business of annuity of social insurance, enterprise, individual plans. Look in me, to family and individual, have a method only, that is as soon as possible, had better begin from today, do an emeritus provide for the aged to plan to oneself.

Above all, standard of the life character after wanting to decide oneself are emeritus, living cannot fall considerably than now, be daily now expenses generally speaking 80% the left and right sides. Additional, the old age with want obligate certain nurses cost, do not count on children to be able to use up filial piety before sickbed, want to bless them to did not have them good life. Next, want to consider inflation and cost increase rate, this is two different ideas. Northeast is for instance big rice from every jins go up one yuan to every jins of n duality, this is inflation; People need not autocycle and instead car, this is growth of integral consumption level.

Want the preparation that make for provide for the aged, include two kinds of kind: It is will current the one part in deposit, use as preparation of provide for the aged; 2 it is will annual surplus of income and expenses makes fixed norm investment. Because provide for the aged plans to seek capital safety, modest profit, resist it is inflation, certain to have mandatory principle, want to part deposit of provide for the aged and other investment so. Go coming true with the combination such as bond, fund, insurance. Yield of relatively other product perhaps does not consider insurance product tall, but the biggest gain is mandatory, because it exits cost tall, exit camp namely tall, won't make move of annuity of provide for the aged him use easily so, make the main component that is sure to become provide for the aged to plan. In addition, social insurance and enterprise annuity also have greatly advantage, it is mandatory, 2 it is the enterprise helps you give one part money, have a society average allowance gives you partly, do not want to miss commonly so.

All provide for the aged plan, it is a balance now the income with future and defray, balance this kind of defray or the sort of defray. So, before wanting to be consumed in every months, make a few deposit for provide for the aged, before considering other and financial goal, want to consider provide for the aged, expert of foreign conduct financial transactions says for: Buy sheet for oneself.
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