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"Love nurses project " country be includinged " 915 " program
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News of people congress hall releases hall to hold a news conference, zheng Silin of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Pan Guiyu, Li Baoku, Li Weixiong, Yang Kuifu answers population actively with respect to “ aged reporter of ” answer China and foreign countries quizs.
[Chinese old age signs up for a reporter] excuse me Li Baoku's committee member, population of old age of 60 years old of above of our country increases by degrees every year with the speed of 3% now, the senile population that increases by degrees ceaselessly makes the demand of old people increases ceaselessly, the corporeal product that the market offers and service and this kind of demand has quite big difference, you how is this differentia apart from look upon? Do you think what kind of policy government and society should adopt to satisfy the requirement of the old people of constant growth?
[Li Baoku] Chinese old people has become huge crowd now, brought old people product and the huge market demand that old people serves. But industry of Chinese the aged is lying start level, market development is immature, policy still does not deserve to cover. Be known according to me, chinese government and bound of senile problem theory, business circles, be in serious thrash out this problem.
Everybody has a consensus, it is the aged industry it is sunny industry, have development outlook greatly. I think, want to satisfy the requirement of old people at present, should make from the most important thing first. What is the most important thing? Provide a service to reside a provide for the aged namely, for urban advanced age old people offers major to nurse service. Because guiding principle of Chinese provide for the aged is,be a foundation in order to reside a provide for the aged, community provide for the aged is rely on, orgnaization provide for the aged is complement.
Chinese old people 99% old age is spent in him home, offerring provide for the aged to serve to occupy the home so is the most important thing. Premier Wen is special in governmental working report put forward, want to provide the network of medical treatment service and other service to reside a provide for the aged. This is a thing that needs us to be done seriously.
The city waits in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou now, family of empty nest old person achieved 30%—50% according to investigation. In these families, the senile old people that the life cannot provide for oneself was achieved 1500 much. 2005 countrywide politics association is discussed on, committee members of 46 the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference raised a proposal, offer major to nurse for old people of urban advanced age namely service, we call “ love to nurse project ” .
“ love nurses the tenet of project ” has 3 words: Children of side the world uses up filial piety, it is difficult to be solved for the parents on the world, for party and governmental help sb to get over a difficulty.
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