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Korea develops aircraft of senile and special mobile phone advocate fall hand fu
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On January 19, 2008 message: The mobile phone technology that academy of Korea electron communication released old person of advanced age of a keep an eye on and action inconvenience public figure a few days ago. The mobile phone that uses this technology can be in machine advocate signal of ask for help is issued immediately after falling.
This kind of mobile phone detects in real time inside the signal of the 3D acceleration sensor of buy, acquire the athletic position of the mobile phone through mathematical model. If from sensor the signal that detects is accorded with beforehand the “ of set falls the feature of ” signal, the mobile phone will be carried out instantly set an action beforehand, issue signal of ask for help. Because this is planted,the buy inside the mobile phone has system of location of satellite of GPS(whole world) sensor, the lieutenant general of signal of ask for help that give out is included hold machine person situation information. Developer thinks, this system will shorten effectively old person from fall the latency time that be rescued, and these latency time are extremely valuable to the acute disease patient such as disease of heart head blood-vessel.
Academy of Korea electron communication still published corresponding tiring-room to support systematic ——— individual at the same time critical state warming system (PEAS) . This warming system offerred special mobile phone to be the same as the interface of system of public news report and medical treatment system.
It is reported, this research belongs to the forerunner foundation project of ministry of Korea information communication.
The healthy problem of the aged population is making a central point of Korea society. In recent years, korea government and business circles increase investment ceaselessly on the aged science and technology, the IT with burgeoning hope and biology technology and the big confluence of all sorts of technologies can help Korea efficient solve the aged problem, can offer higher life quality for the aged population.
In recent years, 3D acceleration sensor is mixed in report of cost, bad news the respect progress such as bulk control is rapid, blending in the masses to live gradually. After afterwards WII, a company published Korea to use the car navigation system of 3D acceleration sensor before this.

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