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[Graph article] Tsinghua old student invents solar energy wheelchair
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How should be natural span of life enjoyed originally after retiring, but year Mr Zhao Tianyun old of nearly 8 a period of ten days is busy all the time however ceaseless, in time of nearly 7 years, he filed 13 countries patent, return these days in oneself downstair him try out just is invented before long solar energy wheelchair.
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter sees in the courtyard of east wind community that in Zhao old gentleman lives, the solar energy that a boy that wears green cotton coat is taking in Zhao Laoxian to give birth to a design undertakes trying driving on wheelchair. What differ with other wheelchair is, zhao often is wearing an iron frame above this wheelchair that the gentleman designs, the solar battery that there are 50 centimeters of squares above board, two 20 centimeters square, 10 centimeters long metal cases are being registered below the seat of wheelchair. Mr Zhao old tells a reporter, this is the accumulator of drive wheel chair.
The reporter sees, operation handle is being installed on the armrest of wheelchair, as gently around push-pull, wheelchair is moving freelyingly in the around on clearing. What be born down Zhao Laoxian is how-to, the reporter sees there still is an ammeter on the armrest in this electric wheelchair, be in the place that does not have sunshine, the number that the reporter sees ammeter shows is 0.5, the number that shows in the local ammeter that has sun is 1.3. Mr Zhao old tells a reporter, the number that ammeter shows is the voltaic size when solar energy accumulator is charging. If “ is sunny if, the electricity that this my wheelchair needs to charge on 4 many hours only can travel 40 kilometers. ” Mr Zhao old took a piece of paper that is put on platform of building entrance concrete, the reporter sees paper go up thickly dotted account every time wheelchair has sailed the voltage when the doorway is counted, “ my plan lets this wheelchair circling dweller building to turn 10 rounds, treat the condition of bad news report. ” Zhao Laoxian gives birth to the introduction, besides the province report is energy-saving outside, the characteristic with this electric the most outstanding wheelchair that he designs is light, only 36 kilograms are weighed.
Will to Zhao Laoxian be born in downstair workshop, the reporter saw pile up 3 3 tricycle, bicycles reach two wheelchair in workshop, v/arc be on the throne still is putting lathe on the ground among the house. Pointing to these car, zhao Laoxian gives birth to very proud introduction, these car are his him design entirely, ask a person to make. In the home that is born in Zhao Laoxian, the reporter sees there is an invention in the bookcase in him patent certificate, having 7 among them is respect of concerned report motor-car originally. Mr Zhao old tells a reporter, he was born 1929, be graduated from Tsinghua university machinery is, the job that pursues previously also is having close correlation with machinery, since after retiring 1989, he what idle does not live often still is improving mechanical design. Accidental opportunity, the electric wheelchair that Zhao Laoxian's unripe nephew tells him to an United States produces is in east sheet exhibits, cherished curiosity Mr Zhao old to visit an exhibition, the wheelchair operation that he discovers to then the paragraph joins the electric wheelchair that exhibit to compare country rises more agile, can be in place revolve, but cut off the power, operation of travel of reentry of the person that wheelchair is used is very laborious, and the power of wheelchair is very great also, power consumption is more. Then his bud oneself design already the thought that managing the sources of energy operates agile wheelchair again.
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