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[Graph article] Tsinghua old student invents solar energy wheelchair
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A few this years I study “ design report motor-car and electric wheelchair are to can make full use of the sources of energy of clean free from contamination, the blue sky that can be a capital makes the contribution that nods his. ” Mr Zhao tells a reporter, through the design of two many months, he granted relevant manufacturer the blueprint that his designs, the spare parts of custom-built wheelchair. These parts that I buy “ are best, solar battery board what also choose is efficiency is highest. ” Mr Zhao old says, although these year come to develop solar energy he had spent electric wheelchair in succession hundred thousands of yuan, but the old partner supports very much. To future, mr Zhao old is full of a hope: &If Ldquo; has an opportunity, I hope to be able to be abstruse meeting made incomplete 2008 bit of contribution, make these solar energy dynamoelectric the person that wheelchair can be those action inconvenience brings advantage. ”

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