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Lack of business do not want to sell old goods consumption harness Seniors
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"My mother face a long age spots, but all around the Shijiazhuang shopping malls, supermarkets and pharmacies, but could not find a special cosmetic elderly to eliminate the stain." Miss Lee told reporters that she had recently found that shopping the market, " Chung Yeung Festival "around the corner, but the capital markets business does not seem keen on this. "Seniors consumption" is still embarrassing "National Day", "Moonlight" double period, major businesses have launched a booming promotions; However, the face of the upcoming "Double Ninth Festival", the majority of businesses while maintaining silence. Asked about reasons, some staff said shopping malls, shopping centers and the elderly are not related to the concentration of the majority of goods sold, and the older consumer is too rational, promotional effect is not obvious. And businessmen in stark contrast to the deserted, but there is a consumer desire of many elderly people "do not know where to buy things for their own." Miss Yu sixty years old this year, however, the age she is still eager to fashion. Ms. Yu told reporters that at present, almost none of the city's older shopping centers set up a special counter products, even if wearing clothing suitable for the elderly, and most are mixed among the many goods and fewer varieties of styles. Therefore, each time to the mall to buy clothes, and make her hurt some brains. Ms Lau said she wanted to buy a big screen, font size, function less, the price is relatively cheap cell phone to give his father, but quite a few shopping malls did not buy. Shandong road in a large shopping centers, the reporter also at the cosmetic counters of the survey conducted found that the department has dozens of various grades of cosmetic brands, but almost all of the brand of cosmetics will be the main consumer groups positioned about 18 to 50 years old, which does not which brand is launched specifically for the elderly. Great potential for older consumers "On one hand is the business that the old 'do not buy', on the other hand is a real need to consume when old 'do not know where to buy'." Industry analysts said, with the strong market demand and consumption of the elderly than desire, the business appeared to be quite behind the action, is the root cause of embarrassment caused. "To some extent, old age consumption potential is not small, silver-haired Shangji urgent need to develop." The industry said that elderly consumer market, the huge development potential, require enterprises to business model innovation. Professionals should pay attention to fostering the growth of older products market, particularly for real strength, integrity and good professional supplies shopping malls to increase support for efforts to encourage the development chain. Commercial building with the community through community service system, the establishment of old consumer goods distribution network. Meanwhile, the elderly consumer market should be segmented, targeted development of new products to meet consumer demand for the elderly.
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