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"Old section" can not buy supplies for the elderly "silver economy" Why the s
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Ninth day in September is the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year's "Double Ninth Festival", from 1989, China pushed the day as the "old section." In the "old section" the dawn, the reporter found that some stores in Harbin, is not only difficult to Buy old private goods, the merchant also not addressed the "old section" preparation of related promotional activities. Statistics show that, as of now, over 60 years the country has 167 million elderly population, 12% of the total population. In front of a huge consumer market, "silver economy" Why the slow development? Experts believe that The traditional concept and the lack of purchasing power is the main reason. With the improvement of the absolute number of elderly population and the elderly gradually increased purchasing power, the sunset will birth of the elderly "silver economy" this sunrise industry. Folklore experts say, the "Double Ninth Festival" this day as the "old section", meaning to take Hong Chung Yeung Festival, meaning long and healthy life is to make people pay more attention to and care for the elderly, Respect, care, care for the elderly, help the old . However, Reporters found on the market, the goods for the elderly are concentrated in health care and health series, daily necessities and services for the elderly is difficult to meet the market supply of the elderly consumer demand. 15, a reporter in Harbin saw several large supermarkets, businesses, and not because the "old section" of the arrival of any promotional activities, and some staff do not even know the "Double Ninth Festival" is also "old section." Xiangfang District, located in Harbin, a cell phone store on Hengshan Road, the reporter did not find the development of mobile phones for the elderly, and only slightly larger keyboard phone several relatively suitable for older people. Staff told the record Who introduced a few years ago there was a dedicated several old cell phones, but because of poor sales, and quickly exit the market. Medical University in Heilongjiang Province Rui Guan School teachers prepare the "old section" before parents buy a gift, but he turned around in the mall, did not get satisfied with the gift. He said that the present wide range of health care products, their What criteria do not know, for fear of wasting money. Had intended to buy a foot bath, and because there is no special type of senile disappointed. Rui said Kwan, buy gifts, has always been to give the elderly a surprise, but now city Field too few goods for the elderly, a gift to the elderly nothing new at all. Liu is an old shopping mall, told reporters on the market very few supplies stores or counters for the elderly, usually the purchase of goods and almost no elderly-specific words. Reporter's clothes and shoes in the mall area Found that only a small number of elderly apparel, and more single style, color, not many varieties, a range of goods suitable for the elderly is difficult to find the real goods. Multiple causes hindrance "silver economy" Many businesses that do not wish to take advantage of holiday sales, it is due to lower purchasing power of the elderly now. Combined with characteristics of old goods is not clear, low profits, so the "silver economy"-see piece of cake Attitude, which also hampers the "silver economy" development. The industry believes that daily use is only "silver hair economy" part of the "silver economy" also includes entertainment, for the old service industry to improve the quality of life of older persons. Relative to the elderly in China The volume and speed of population aging, social service agencies to provide less specialized, China's "silver hair economy" is relatively slow. Social Work Research Centre Ministry of Civil Affairs invited researchers, Nankai University, Department of Social Work and Social Policy, Professor Chen Zhonglin that the low purchasing power of older persons is the "silver hair economy" is one important reason for slow development. Elderly Who are vulnerable, disposable income is limited, less and less wages after retirement, spending power is limited. But also by the traditional concepts, the elderly will be a large part of the money used for savings and service for our children. In addition, it is "a small light weight the old" concept of the purchasing power of the elderly. Now many families on children's education, entertainment, leisure and other aspects of investment is very large, but the input of the elderly is relatively small. Nankai University, Department of Social Work and Social Policy, said Dr. Wu-fan, often seen on television variety of health programs that the elderly's health care and daily health care demand. However, market access and regulatory mechanisms Not in place, health care market is relatively confusion of the old industry. Wu Fan said the old product on the market today stays in the daily necessities and medical care, the elderly single industrial structure. The elderly recreation, tourism, education, spiritual and cultural dimensions of consumer need Demand is in the development stage, the elderly, consumer desire and consumption power has yet to be excavated. Sociologists believe that with the absolute number of elderly population growth and the speed gradually accelerated aging, how to deal with the problem of aging has become an important issue in our society. "Silver economy" development And strengthen and effectively meet the needs of older age groups is not only related to the vital interests of the elderly is an important symbol of social civilization and progress. Old gave birth to a sunrise industry sunset Wu Fan believes that with age, the elderly living in the clothing and other goods production and decreased the proportion of the consumption areas, but in services, health and other aspects of consumption ratio gradually increased, overall purchasing power is also a case-by- Gradually increased. Gradually increasing the purchasing power of the elderly, which indicates that the elderly will force the setting sun "silver economy" this sunrise industry. Wu Fan said that in recent years, China's overall socio-economic development, social welfare and security system has gradually improved, old food and clothing to meet the basic quality of life began to look after the health, happiness consumption. More Community cultural center for the elderly into entertainment, to seek life-long education into the universities for the elderly, the potential demand for the elderly is slowly evolving into practical needs. Commission on Aging Office of Heilongjiang Province, deputy director of Shu-Mei Li introduced China's "silver hair economy" is still in the training stage, but has been showing off signs, some businesses seize the opportunity to provide a specialization for the elderly Service products. Harbin, the market has emerged a set of communication and emergency call in one of the communications equipment. Older people to enjoy communications services, while emergency function can be the first time linked to the relevant staff . Shu-Mei Li said the government should "silver economy" for effective policy guidance, the "silver economy" into development plans and introduce appropriate policy measures to foster consumer confidence in the business, establish and improve relevant laws Laws and regulations, standardize the market access and regulatory mechanisms to promote the development of old markets and old industries. Economists believe that the development of the "silver hair economy" needs to form a valid chain, the only way to make older industries to do it, bigger. Especially in the elderly services, to gradually increase service personnel Professional level and service quality, to the development of "baby economic" sense of responsibility towards the "silver hair economy."
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