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Good life for the elderly nursing home old age worry
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From three days to a daily meal of meat meat, from the boiling water bath to the bath with water heater ... ... Recently, the reporter interviewed the town of Grand County in the South Stream that in recent years the town of Grand View nursing home hardware and software facilities have been greatly improvement of the Five elderly living in nursing home life more enjoyable. Town homes for the elderly in the village of Grand octagonal three groups, the reporters saw trees, lush courtyard nursing home, set on the concrete floor of fitness equipment. Old people's residential building clean and tidy, two-bedroom, which is equipped with bedding, wardrobe, electric fans and other equipment. Wang Yan, 84-year-old full-year old man came to nursing home for three years. Turning to changes in nursing home, the old man said with deep feeling, at first only to nursing home when he was not used to life here, getting used to, I felt good. Not only watch TV every day, some chat, and now the living conditions of nursing homes have also been greatly improved from the previous three days, a flesh eating meat every day now. Taking into account the problem of water supply for the elderly, nursing homes also use natural gas, so the elderly can take a bath water heater. "This year, we pocket money each month from 15 yuan to 20 yuan, very satisfied living here." Said Wang Yan, the whole mood. It is understood that the town of Grand View nursing home built in 1997, the current focus on support 53 elderly people. In recent years, through all levels of financial support, the face of nursing home and the old people's living conditions have greatly changed. This year, the Grand View town government has also invested over 60,000 yuan, the bedroom closet of old people, beds, etc. a full replacement for the old people made in winter warm clothing, but also preparing homes for the elderly road connecting the town with the field renovation, to facilitate the old people travel.
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