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Can only the elderly health care supplies
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Can only the elderly health care supplies? Old clothing, fewer species, the elderly could not find toys ... ... Yesterday Chongyang, honor their parents are members of the public to buy gifts sigh: Do only elderly health care supplies? Reporter yesterday visited a number of large shopping malls, not to see the old counter products for the elderly to use the bath chair, scratching, etc. Almost no; old clothing, fewer species, rustic style, color to black, dark coffee, dark blue for the Lord, look more old-fashioned a. The appliance store, there are hundreds of new fashion phone, but want to choose a suitable for the elderly used: large screen, sound great, buttons, price low is difficult. Public park, the toy store Jianghan Road, etc, the reporter asked about the availability of suitable toys for the elderly, the sales staff bewildered. A supermarket frankly, generally do not do Chongyang promotional activities, in addition to royal jelly, ginseng gift boxes, bird's nest and other nourishing food, and other old items in the store is very small.
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