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Serve for old people only " silver hair " industry who comes to -727379968 cake
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Forum of industry of silver hair of Luo Jiang of 2007 China · is held in Luo Jiang, official of controller of chamber of commerce of city of province of firm of expert of preserve one's health of economy of home's famous silver hair industry, region, ecology and landed enterprise, investment, part, relevant department attends forum, undertook development discussion with respect to the problem such as trend of the current situation of silver hair industry, foreground, development. Expert attending the meeting expresses, vacuum of market of estate of Chinese silver hair is giant, but industry of domestic silver hair just starts, service and consumer goods are very drab related the old people that can offer on the market, silver hair property is right for many places, still be an incult virgin land.
Industry of Sichuan silver hair just started
Province the aged appoint He Baoquan of standing vice director represents the office, demand of market of estate of countrywide silver hair is in about 700 billion to 800 billion yuan between, the old people of 60 years old of above resides Sichuan the whole nation the 2nd, occupy countrywide old people very one of, market space is in at least 70 billion yuan of above. “ but, industry of Sichuan silver hair grows apparent lag, the product is restricted only health care is tasted, a few a few breed such as medicine, did not form industrial chain, the product that the market can offer and service value of output are not worth 10 billion yuan. ” He Baoquan says, sichuan enterprise is able to develop his skill to full in respect of silver hair industry.
Industry of former assistant dean, silver hair studies courtyard of the division that save a company 10 thousand roots tell the expert the reporter, silver hair industry involves a field very extensive, include travel, estate, education, healthy service conduct financial transactions of course of study, homemaking, daily articles for daily use, safe, finance, advisory service. 10 thousand roots say, senile and landed respect, chengdu is only fall, aureate wait for a few a few buildings dish, the market space with Chengdu landed old age also has a few at least 100 million. “ nurses in old age respect, chengdu advocate old person of empty nest of the city zone amounts to 170 thousand person, only this also can drive obtain employment of 100 thousand person at least. ”
Collect river county is about to divide a cup of a thick soup
“ appears personally by the government hold forum, put forward to make silver hair industry systematically, this is returned in complete province is first time! ” saves a the aged appoint He Baoquan expresses, sichuan was making respect of silver hair industry already stepped the first pace systematically.
Chen Tianhang of subprefect of collect river county expresses, collect river county and province the aged appoint the office sponsors this forum together, the purpose lends a head the expert namely, make silver hair industry systematically in Luo Jiang. According to introducing, according to initial tentative plan, inside the near future, run through a series of projects, the garden after will making Luo Jiang those who be area of Cheng Demian economy, build base of provide for the aged of national level zoology.
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