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Serve for old people only " silver hair " industry who comes to -727379968 cake
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Chen Tianhang expresses, make base of provide for the aged of national level zoology, luo Jiang has the advantage that cannot replace: It is an area go up, be located in between Cheng Demian, be less than car Cheng of a hour to Chengdu, if become heart continous light course to build, chengdu can arrive inside half hours. In addition, luo Jiang is national level first zoology sets an example county, the forest is enclothed rate amount to 34% , afforest rate is amounted to 61% . This county humidity special also moderate, all the year round air temperature winter is taller than circumjacent and other place two to tierce, summer is low two to tierce, wintry warm summer is cool, comfortable and delightful. In Luo Jiang, periphery of prep above of scale of 100 years old of old people is all prefectural town. Luo Jiang still has rich culture travel resource: Ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes of ancestral temple of all of Li Diaoyuan native place, Pang, chiliad city of water of booth of temple of 10 thousand Buddha, Chan, culture of collect the Three Kingdoms, Taoism culture, Buddhist culture, move yuan of culture at an organic whole, suit to repair very much unripe raise a gender.

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