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Potential of market of senile sporting goods is analysed
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To old people sporting goods ” of this “ market, where is the advantage of ourselves? Install in blessing in interviewing, the author knows the place of advantage of native land “ market ” . Some businessmen think, senile National People's Congress is much very economical, not be willing to part with or use spends money, basically cannot bear higher gymnastical commodity price. Actually, this is a kind of traditional error. The personage inside more course of study thinks, pass the investigation discovery of ” of pair of market of “ silver hair, of the development as economy and people living standard rise, the consumptive idea of old people is being changed, they begin “ to pay attention to ” dress not only, often also like style in the respect such as fitness, motion. Like heating up ” with “ fitness of the youth, the sporting goods market of old people is having huge market to expand latent capacity.
From the point of development trend of future, senile consumption group continues to expand in quantitative admiral not only, and scale is occupied to also increase with each passing day on the structure, in the meantime, activity of senile fitness sports also gains ground more with warm up, these making clear that ” of market of “ silver hair is a huge potential market. The ground decided our native land dominant position along the relation. Accordingly, to manufacturer home character, want to seize development opportunity, ground of do one's best develops space of homebred motion brand, the conduct propaganda that increases a brand spreads working effect, let a sporting goods pay close attention to old people market, develop old people market.

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