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Senile estate market is unscrambled
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At present China already had 600 million in old people, all occupy the 1/2 of countrywide total population, end 2000 the end of the year, the senile population of 60 years old of above of Chinese already was amounted to 136 million. The senile population of our country with year all the speed of 3.2% increases by degrees, forecast from this the old people of 60 years old of above of Chinese will reach 400 million person 2050.
According to the country concerned branch ends the statistical number by 2000, our country has retiree 3700 more than person, conservative estimation the pension of this one group, 400 billion yuan of RMB can be achieved in obtain employment income, solatium; And to 2030, retiree will reach 150 million person! This is brushstroke is very considerable remain the consumptive market at development, this still does not include town to be not the consumption of retired old people and rural old people among them.
The age structure of population, decide consumptive structure of the society. The goods that the consumer of different age administrative levels needs to place and service are having diverse demand. The old people change as a result of physiology, psychology, having the special demand that is different from population of other age group to what wanting commodity and service, this can be produced technically for its with respect to requirement businessman and offer a product.
As the country between of the newer, eye shot of idea of thinking of the communication of culture, people widen, the idea idea that old people “ accumulates ” of light oneself of light consumption, heavy children again also produced change; More and more senile consumption groups realise: Fit and comfortable beautiful dress dress, suit the cosmetic of the age, go out the need that travel is daily life not just, can make they feel young more however, can change individual color, it is a kind of method that expresses feeling of the mood inside oneself. Come 10 years recently especially, the high speed of our country economy grows, for open old age product market offerred firm economic material to consume safeguard; Old people becomes more intense to the desire of beautiful pursuit, they yearn for by inside and the coruscate life vigor outside, leave the elegant demeanour when be stationed in a youth. Demand of this kind of market is ecbolic a lot of profit spaces the domain with good prospect of big, market, have the following sides
Wine of senile woman health care: Review at present the sanitarian wine on the market, consumptive group is aged it is one characteristic, nourishing preserve one's health and male function accuse begging is one big characteristic.
Pass pair of alcoholic drink kind the investigation of shop: More and more woman customer search the sanitarian wine that suits his to cite in the market, be aimed at at present the market this one current situation, the female health state with combinative old age drops quickly, wine of health care of business development female can choose not to have mellow wine, red wine or yellow rice or millet wine is carrier. Already a lot of enterprises begin a plan to enter this market now.
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