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Senile estate market is unscrambled
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Newsletter industry: At present the communication product on the market more individuation and specialization, with business affairs model with vogue model for dominant direction. Visit randomly through the author, old people is mirrorred generally the mobile phone function on market is complex now, the price designation of costly, key-press is small, the operation rises no-go. And old people audition, vision is common poorer, behavioral report is slow wait for an influence, development function is simple and practical, carry convenient, communicate quality is good, the old people that has old people to use distinguishing feature is special, contain enlarge sound function, carry the voice that uses convenient radio, phone, mobile phone rising with each passing day;
Marriage gauze industry: According to Beijing Xidan — on the west a boss on a street introduces building of shadow of 4 marriage gauze, be in to satisfy old people section of 99 heavy this world, mother's day, father's day is great festival; The special day such as golden wedding, silver wedding, special fete films souvenir reflects this one demand, they devise the consumptive formula that rolled out the marriage gauze that suits feature of old people bodily form and different price in time, prepared a lot of special gifts, arrangement according to the need of different client a few significant souvenir activities.
After this one product is rolled out, advisory subscriber in an endless stream---And a lot of subscriber are a youth! This boss calculated brushstroke debt: Calculate in order to consume the price for 1699 yuan formula, recieve 5000 pairs of computation every year, turnover is quite considerable.
Meanwhile, filming after the end, the businessman registers the birthday of the old person in time, meet birthday serves cake, pull the distance with consumer from feeling, thereby consumer of have the aid of is popularized into peddling course of study and advertisement is publicized. Attracted more and more senile customers not only, at the same time of young partner book a number to also rise substantially. Obtained unexpected economic profit and social echo,
Commodity industry: All sorts of diseases compare senile crowd body much, lose partial life to provide for oneself the characteristic of ability, open in order to have special nurse the choice that brand shop of old people things makes a lot of investor, product include old people appropriative pants of paper make water, the w.c.pan on special toy, bed, female receives the nail-clippers that takes magnifier, old people make water implement, time remind take drug implement, if drive cold things is tool of house of bath of electrically warmed shoe, function, manipulator, ride instead of walk, senile household cloth art things.
29 branches were established in the whole nation inside short time of store of chain of things of red old age of the setting sun, changsha only store ever gained only month sale for a time more than yuan 50 uncommon outstanding achievement is paradigmatic.
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