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Senile estate market is unscrambled
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Dietary industry: A few years ago, xi'an news edifice is aimed at characteristic of old people food, development rolled out the price from 299—1199 yuan the ” of banquet of “ bean curd that differ, the meal of place research and development is delicate and loose, not oily not be bored with, give priority to with the maigre food, small amount that contain sugar. Once roll out, make an appointment the phone became a hot line, got senile consumer and children people welcome energetically, became the optimal option of fete old person.
Culture industry: Suffer the edification effect of traditional culture, the opera that development has ethical culture distinguishing feature, calligraphy, painterly, the four treasures of the study relevant refined culture product---Sound of lecture of calligraphy class, painterly class, calligraphy, opera resembles product, game of the computer that old people uses in, network, handicraft is collected, stamp collecting Tibet is tasted wait to have wide market perspective.
Travel industry: Travel of silver hair a group of things with common features has great advantage requirement: Do not accept time restriction; Funds origin is not difficult, assistance of the saving, pension, children waits. Healthy idea is new, body condition is good. Progress as the society, honour old Jing Laofeng is enraged thicker and thicker, children is filial. The travel agent choice that regards a service as the orgnaization is travelling off-season form a delegation, at this moment accommodation, traffic is cheaper, tourist attraction tourist is little, suit old people psychology and body characteristic quite.
Health food: Because the requirement such as the raw material of senile health food, craft is strict, because this is opposite, the price also prep above is common food. At present senile health food is an an unexpected winner in the market. Strength of senile food research and development is far under children food, key of good senile health food is recipe design. Scientific recipe is to achieve one of main factors with balanced nutrition. Current, domestic health food is main the trend is low candy, the food that do not have candy held proportion of very big market. But this does not mean all old people appropriate, should because of the person different. Besides this kind of product, because nutrition is superfluous,still have and extremely wine of health care of drink of needed health food reducing weight, health care, healthy water, nutrition, maigre product; Sha Ji, cacti, formic kind, bee kind etc use the functional sex such as plant abstraction health food. The medlar nutrition milk powder that Ningxia beans suckles a factory to develop edible of fit old people 6 years with classics of experience of essence of ” of “ deal with concrete matters relating to work obtains good market to feedback is very good paradigmatic.
As the buildup of consciousness of health care of old people ego, consumption consciousness, should hold to bookman of person of a kind of “ only this ” concept, the senile commodity that characteristic of the consumptive psychology of cogent union old people, consumption studies to develop relevant field, the market that has a product energetically at the same time spreads conduct propaganda, had made preparation of dozen of thought of ” of “ protracted battle, be sure to obtain rich and generous yield get one's own back.
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