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Why does market of old person insurance get cold reception
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At present old person of 60 years old of above already had “ China 130 million person, 10% what occupy total population. But review domestic insurance market, the insurance product that can offer old people to choose is had pity on less however. The personage inside course of study is analysed, insurance cost of high risk, high specified number and influence of macroscopical environment element are the main reason that product of old person insurance cannot get significant development. ”
China already was entered aged the society is the fact that does not dispute, the old people of 60 years old of above has 130 million, 10% what occupy countrywide total population, and with annual the rate of 3 % increases. And according to national family planning appoint data, to 2050 scale of our country old people mouth will exceed 20% . It is huger and huger old people market on one hand, the insurance product that develops in the light of old people on the other hand is little however little. Review domestic insurance market, include inside endowment the insurance company with foreign capital, so far only life of new Chinese birthday, friendly nation insurance, favorite person developed a few old people danger to plant. to other crowd, the insurance product that can select for domestic old person is so little that the insurance product that can select for domestic old person have pity on. So why is commercial insurance company rare to old person danger sortie? After all the business chance with how old presence of market of old person insurance? Annual the market of at least 1.3 billion
Home points the new Chinese birthday of senile market the first times, ” of “ happy life was rolled out 80 years old to be sure 2002, cast protect upper limit to expand from 60 years old, income of first days of insurance cost achieves 300 thousand yuan. From this peek one spot, old people is safe to old people the greeting degree of the product, and the demand space with senile insurance broad market.
The personage inside course of study points out, although 130 million old person of countrywide takes out 10 yuan every year to cast each protect, insurance cost income also has 1.3 billion yuan, the market is very big, this means tremendous business chance undoubtedly to insurance company. And the prosperous development that foreign old age plants nearly had proved this. As we have learned, of Germany in casting the person that protect more, 200 have nearly 2/3 is old people. Of the United States nurse for a long time insurance already was become most suffer gay of American old people to be planted nearly, occupational American life is safe the market share of 25% . 3 reasons let insurance company hang back
Since market of old person danger is put in the business chance with massive move, why doesn't domestic insurance company wish however sortie? According to the personage inside course of study the analysis has the reason of tripartite face.
It is high risk. Old people sicken of this one group and the probability that suffer an accident are high, belong to a risk to send a group high, bear to the risk of insurance company ability and control capacity demand are particularly high, have a bit inadvertent, not only without gain, enter likely still not apply goes out; The 2 insurance premium that are high specified number. Because venture occurence rate is high, the insurance cost standard of senile insurance product also is met opposite taller, and exorbitant insurance cost lets old people accept hard again; Still have the effect of macroscopical environment element in addition. Although our country already was entered aged society, but social all circles prepares in the thought and lack quite via proved recipe face, start in China the effect that later insurance suffers is big also. The profit of old person danger and risk
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