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Why does market of old person insurance get cold reception
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New Chinese birthday points out about the personage, any insurance products include old people danger to plant when the design is rolled out, affirm existence profit space, what insurance company assumes is accident risk, wanting what avoid as far as possible is inevitable risk. Look from simple account face, insurance company is not of gain, but insurance company basically makes money through investing operation, and present investment channel widens greatly. Additional, policy-holder is protected period longer, insurer profit space is larger. Accordingly, want to had done the check-up before protecting, preserve a herd with controlling an old person to enter casting after protecting short-term inside die of illness or tall incomplete.
The presiding essence of favorite person life calculates Shi Liubing hair to think, protect besides the nucleus outside, still can undertake controlling on the price. Want the venture that insurance company can foretell with the best will in the world to did not come only, its control is in reasonable range, have risk of abundant presumable of actual strength antagonism, can manage this kind of danger to plant.
3 big risk are planted demand is the biggest
To old people of China, most fall ill what be afraid of namely, the annuities with one unripe ill original not much number more hard keep the pot boiling. Investigation makes clear, medical Protection becomes old people to consume the big head of defray, occupy the 40 % left and right sides that consumes every months. Accordingly, the advanced essence of life that has insurance company calculates adviser to point out, annuity danger, healthy danger and nurse for a long time will become 3 risk with the biggest demand of Chinese old people to plant nearly.
President of favorite person life holds money of general manager gold concurrently to tell a reporter, the profit of some insurance product is not certain very tall, but the abidance of the enterprise expands benefit of society of need give attention to two or morethings. They are new the injury insurance of old people accident that roll out, also but company of reinsurance of impute to of one part venture. It is reported, favorite person life is following the sectional contact that Guangzhou city old people concerns, the hope can popularize this danger to plant in broad old person.

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