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How does enterprise of domestic senile things answer the competition of foreign
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China is aged of social degree deepen, senile industry a new force suddenly rises, develop market of the aged commodity, a variety of demand of contented old people are a when prospective economy grows important way. Business chance of senile market “ is infinite ” already was various consensus. Ginseng of top-ranking enterprise of the 120 governments orgnaization that the exposition of China International happiness and benefit that ended May 7 collected to come from 16 countries such as the United States, England, Canada, Japan and area and international is exhibited, american annals road, Aiande Aotuoboke, Disen overcomes company limited, Germany captive uncle, Italy only the international such as company limited of industry of eaves of letter of beautiful, Korea, Great Harmony is famous manufacturer.
This net is attending to be exhibited this experience during the meeting quite much, things of high-end old incomplete is the world of foreign manufacturer almost in, coarse, human nature turns the product do manual work of domestic company degree is inferior difference of sex of as congener as abroad product is very far, but price advantage is value of foreign congener product almost apparently very one of, its market basically is low end client group. Foreign manufacturer basically aims at Chinese high end to consume a group because of element of its product value, business was exhibited to also use different kind in Hua Ta, some companies are in directly China investment establishs a branch for example Aotuoboke established Germany Beijing Aotuoboke artificial limb orthopaedic implement industrial limited company, some companies prepare to beg a partner to include acting sale and OEM in Hua Xin.
As China aged of social degree deepen, the competition of senile things market will be ceaseless aggravate, chinese enterprise will face the competition of enterprise of things of international old age, this net thinks staple market of business of foreign senile things consumes a group for high end, inside 9 years enterprise of won't senile to home things constitutes menace, but rise as what the development old people of Chinese economy consumes ability be sure to raise old people to be changed to senile things quality, human nature, function the requirement that wait, the market of things of high-end old age is sure to increase in. So how does company of Chinese home senile things grow, this station thinks:
1. and foreign manufacturer undertake cooperative undertaking OEM takes the place of machining, practice hard exercise to benefit the internal organs.
2. development can satisfy senile requirement already, the new product with low price.
3. increases the business investment on electronic business affairs.
4. increases investment of research and development, development and foreign company product have the homebred substitute of similar function, market of things of old age of the high end in raising product quality to march for the foundation with this.
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