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Aged the advertisement that brings to our country tourism
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21 centuries are the century that belongs an old person, senile market and like often producing per year course of study to be the same as the aged problem, already became current social heat problem, week of place of masses of capacious development foreground knows senile market. Development is senile and wrong, revitalize senile industry to already became stimulative economy growth and society to be able to develop indispensable content continuously, it is “ builds the prospective society that does not divide the age, everybody to share”
material assures. This is the new opportunity of the market.
One, aged the advertisement that to us tourism brings
From the point of the psychological characteristic of old people, old people was doing most to give birth to contribution to back down for country, society cease season they most be afraid of be forgotten by the society. A lot of old people have extremely strong sense of responsibility to the society, want them to still can feel only be admitted by the society enough. On the other hand travel is the taller study after people satisfies the basiccest life and recreational means, be human ego substantially development of rich, ego and self-approval, make oneself allow a society, participate in a kind of form that the society develops. Such old people choose travel to become very natural issue.
In light of the came to our country travel 1998 tourist age structure that from the country tourism bureau announces, tourist occupies old age of more than 51 years old to come entirely China 22.3% of total number, what in be next to activity of business affairs travel, give priority to is medium, light year 46.5% what give priority to. The basis is the closest the data of congress of travel of world old person, the person age that there is 1/5 in American mouth exceeds 55 years old (China is more such) , the of 47% person in them has had the experience of long-range go on a journey. This shows old person a team that dimensions has in order to form travel quite in the team.
From the point of the consumption level of old people, in travel crowd, the consumption level of old people is not low, and consumptive potential is greater, especially developed country. According to forecasting prospective old people the mouth will increase continuously, especially the old person of 55 years old of above; The income of old person door also increases subsequently. On the other hand, many the expenditure of the old person is less than the youth, children is far from them again, the society is sure to make they discharged trouble back at home. So healthy old people often chooses costly aviation, nautical journey, brought profit of high specified number to tourism.
Have since ancient times from our country honour old love young consuetudinary in light of, according to be opposite a few big travel agent of Beijing conduct the investigation of circumstance of old person of Chinese citizen travel going abroad, comparative among them quantitative person is children goes money to realize ” of “ dream going abroad for the old person. In addition, a lot of good-paying old people rely on our country oneself deposit, also can go abroad travel.
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