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From the point of team of senile to what expand increasingly travel, our country has not been engaged in the travel agent of senile travel and travel service organization technically at present. Have more very, a lot of travel agent are in when rolling out heat course, still made limitation to the age, make numerous old people hopes “ scene ” is promoted sigh. Visible, start senile travel market, for old people travel provides specialized service, it is a kind of opportunity that travel company seek expands.
2, the characteristic of senile travel market
Old people because the circumstance such as its body, experience and difference of other age group are very big, so its participate in travel activity to have the characteristic of a few general character, main show is in: (1) is alternative to travel destination strong, more discreet to the arrangement of activity of go on a journey. Pair of in travel activity curiosity of expeditionary composition that old people had lost young place to have, accordingly, the meeting before setting out passes all sorts of agency, make to the circumstance of travel destination understand in detail as far as possible, and do one's best is arranged ahead of schedule. (2) is given priority to with pure travel activity, distinguish the recreational travel activity at teenage group, more the accompanies purpose of specific business affairs travel activity that is different from middleaged group. Answer relatively with this, in travel spending expenses, basically use at entirely itinerary eat mediumly, live, travel, swim, amusement, shop rarely. Under photograph comparing, the shopping defray of other age group often occupies whole and itinerary total spending 50% the left and right sides. (3) is given priority to with group journey activity, often old two accompany and row, right itinerary in the arrangement of all sorts of activities, requirement with comfortable, recreational with the high quality of travel orgnaization the service is a standard. In this, perfect medical treatment safety guarantees a system, it is a when senile journey group completes a trip all in all component, this also is a when senile journey group is different from average trip group marked characteristic. (The natural scene of 4) beauty and distinctive traditional culture, it is product of the oldest to senile tourist attraction two kinds of travel. (5) journey distance accepts limit, it is itinerary normally the old people hasten that long destination ginseng swims is little.
3, a few when develop market of international country senile passenger source currently basic strategy
(One) because senile travel market has,distinguish the important characteristic at other market, accordingly, when we are developing senile travel market, want to be a basis with these characteristics, have a definite object in view.
Old people is alternative to destination strong, discreet to arrangement of activity of go on a journey, when this asks we are making sales promotion publicize in the light of old people, as far as possible content is rich and detailed, and be understood simply, be clear at a glance. Old people travel accepts the restriction of body state and economic capacity, “ is acted on when with respect to the requirement we are making travel line short and the principle of ” of essence of life, journey course wants short, fine of travel tourist attraction and characteristic is bright, connotation is rich. Have a special liking to meaning of travel destination culture in view of old people, answer to spend some of energy more in this respect. A marked characteristic should have senile journey group namely perfect medical treatment guarantees a system, this raised taller requirement with respect to the hardware that to us travel serves and software. Should deserve to protect personnel along with round cure, counteract the hospital link up with of destination in time with travel road. Also raised taller requirement to the tourist guide, not only the requirement has substantial professional knowledge and excellent language to convey ability, still ask in senile psychology, old age the respect such as health care understands somewhat, when be like have dinner of arrangement old people, arrange sweet, fragile, soft to contain sugar as far as possible little, nutrition is digested high, easily, the food of easy mastication. Dovish principle is acted on when orchestrating an activity, intensity wants proper.
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