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(2) look from the international market, because different economy grows the scale of go on a journey of horizontal area old people to differ, “ should be adopted to hit out in the round when developing senile market, the key breaks through the strategy of ” . From the point of international limits, continue to consolidate our country is in the market of Western Europe and North America, develop periphery and Oceanian senile travel market energetically, develop the market of Africa and hamster appropriately.
From the point of home market, economy of foreland of our country the eastpart part developeds quite, proportion of old people go on a journey is high, inland and northwest region economy are more backward, scale of old people go on a journey develops quite than economy of inferior; city, proportion of old people go on a journey is higher, rustic economy is relatively backward, scale of old people go on a journey is inferior. When so we are developing domestic senile market, want to consider the national condition of our country, develop economy to develop mainly on one hand the senile travel market of the area, the go on a journey that is this part old people actively offers convenient; to develop economy appropriately on the other hand the travel market of underdeveloped area, encourage economy go on a journey of underdeveloped area old people, adopt corresponding favourable policy to this part old people.
(3) because different economy grows horizontal area old people to take the form of travel,also have apparent difference, taking different form to also answering when sales promotion of travel of different area old people. Develop to economy the senile tourist of the area especially international tourist, should pay attention to propagandist our country the bright 5000 culture, nation amorous feelings that has Chinese distinguishing feature. If already included world culture bequest, be located in lake of buy of Lu of northwest of another name for Yunnan Province rub the maternal life of shuttle clansman, although traffic is disadvantageous, but still attracted large quantities of foreign country tourists every year, especially European tourist. Be aimed at feelings of Japan high Buddha, the “ cold hill of Suzhou bumps into bell ” to if knit,draw Japanese visitor. Develop not quite to economy the senile tourist of the area, answer when sales promotion mature the economic atmosphere to them and their psychology characteristic. That is “ expenditure little place, the place that visit is bit more. ” arranges a tourist attraction more as far as possible, can be a series of beautiful natural scene swim, also can be a chain of famous places and historical sites swims, also can interweave each other wear fork. Anyhow, market of travel of development old age must be accomplished truly think old people place thinks, violent old people place is urgent. This since is right good luck of travel practitioner, it is a test.

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