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Analysis: Market of senile and special mobile phone still belongs to blank
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Current, new product of mobile phone market emerges in endlessly. Those functions are more and more advanced beautiful beautiful mobile phone changes quickly, new product swarms into the eye of people ceaselessly, but it is very difficult however to want to find a mobile phone that suits old people to use truly. It is to do not have the market, be still mobile phone manufacturer is not willing to produce?
Recently, " the market signs up for " the reporter undertook investigating interviewing to the brand shop of a few mobile phones of Beijing.
Old people mobile phone has business chance
Ms. Zhang of Beijing wants to buy ministry mobile phone to the mother, go to the lavatory for the sake of connection. She turned a long time in national beautiful electric equipment, although the mobile phone everything needed is ready of all brands, also did not buy a mobile phone that suits old people to use. Either the word is little, it is key-press small, lamp back key does not shine or too bright, even if is manuscript, the word of key-press is not big also, old people operation rises very no-go. She tells a reporter to say: “ actually, a lot of people begin presbyopia many years old 40 now, the mobile phone is general to can be being satisfied for them receive, listen, close, hair with respect to enough. The most important is font wants big, the operation is simple, low-cost. Why cannot be so simple mobile phone bought? ” reporter was in the brand shop of a mobile phone of Beijing Haidian area to interview 10 old people randomly, say the eyes is bad, see the key-press on not clear mobile phone and small character, more never mention it those complex functions on use mobile phone.
Review bazaar of news report of Beijing much home, be as high as like element millions of, can get online, support video order programme, of slip lid, can rotate, and the business affairs mobile phone with tall, original design lets content of all sorts of science and technology person too many things to see, but the mobile phone that old people needs is found very hard really.
The reason that manufacturer is not willing to produce
The staff member that seizes mobile phone net says, there still is the mobile phone that designs technically for old people on the market at present. Have a few business affairs mobile phone has “ text to shrink put ” function, can move style big, but the price does not poor. The permutation as to clavier key-press and dial font, it is the problem that had better solve, but what manufacturer goes after now is beautiful, below the trend that at present everybody goes after halfback, which manufacturer dare still design clavier so that “ wriggles again greatly again ” ?
According to Beijing of GFK Asia limited company the delegate is in Sun Gonglei of mobile phone analyst to divulge, because old people consumption level is low, manufacturing business profit is opposite thinner, because of this manufacturer ignored this market. Fill telecommunication to seek advice from issuance report to show according to Nuo, dimensions of market of Chinese mobile phone broke through 100 million first 2006, occupy the 1/10 of sales volume of global mobile phone, the aged market also should be met is a not small cake. Old people cannot buy appropriate mobile phone, what a your person regrets is blank.
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