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Analysis: Market of senile and special mobile phone still belongs to blank
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The aged appoint the data shows, at present old people of 60 years old of above has our country about 130 million, 10.2% what occupy total population about. To 2015, population of 60 years old of above will exceed 200 million, 14% what occupy total population about. If which astute mobile phone produces business to be able to be in,numerous hand mechanism is built on vie the develop a new style or a new method of one's own in the trend that price of content of vogue, high-tech, tall sex compares, give the mobile phone that suits their characteristic technically for old people production, this old people market of 130 million can bring considerable economic benefits surely.
What kind of mobile phone suits old people
According to " the market signs up for " reporter understanding, according to a few old people depict, the mobile phone that they hope had better be: The eyesight of old people is bad, so the screen of the mobile phone and indication form of a written or printed character want big, and setting lamp cannot too dark. Clavier key-press wants big, because of old people pointing to joint is not very agile. Because old people learns new thing to take pain to quite, so mobile phone function does not need too strong, it is OK that the function can satisfy basic requirement. Still audition of a lot of old people drops, so the ring of the mobile phone is mixed shake intensity to also want big, connect word volume to also want additionally big. Can install single bond to dial, batteries bides his time time should grow, best bulk moderate, weight is light. The price does not want too expensive, because old people forgets a thing easily, how long was possible have more than is needed lost, the price is too high they may reject to use.
Be in Europe, the mobile phone that designs for old people only has appeared on the market sale. Italy gave the MS2000 of simple and easy mobile phone that old people uses early with respect to production 2005. This mobile phone dials 5 times quickly only key and a green key-press. Green key is used at call, those 5 key are the telephone number that stocks beforehand, convenient old people can be dialed quickly when encountering difficulty.
Recommend mobile phone of a few accurate old people
The reporter understands in interview, at present the although do not have,develops technically for old people brand on the market, but the use demand that a few mobile phones are close to old people, the reporter recommends a few brands here, also hope the mobile phone develops business to be able to develop those who suit them to use technically for old people already economy substantial mobile phone brand.
1. Nuojiya 6108
This mobile phone has excellent operation performance, still support clavier input and handwritten input two kinds of characters input means, suit old people to use quite so. Especially this mobile phone is in communicate quality respect is behaved quite well, communicate sound of clew of volume, short message is very resonant, and shake driving. This machine child still have radio function, old people also is preferred listen to a radio, when needing, can listen with earphone. This machine child the screen that uses Stn4096 color, because this shows the effect is general, in the light stronger place looks not easily quiet, nevertheless this bit of inadequacy is affected to the user not quite.
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