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Analysis: Market of senile and special mobile phone still belongs to blank
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2.NEC N820
This mobile phone although bulk some slant big, but the picture pledges screen of 2.2 admirable inches of high-definition clear is to be worth to recommend most. Be in additionally communicate good performance also is had on quality, although also listen in busy streets personally,be clear about the speech of the other side. This mobile phone is particular exalted the old people that perhaps can let use it with atmospheric feeling especially satisfied.
9@9C of riverside of 3. flying benefit
The clavier design of this mobile phone provided more convenient mode of operation, the area of function key and span and clear digital key-press, can use to old people bring advantage. Ring uses the effect with what shake also is pretty good, and bide one's time time is extremely long, although old people forgot,charge to also have nothing to do with.
4.MOTO A760
Old people perhaps does not need powerful function, but year of person with have handwritten function and the smartphone of big screen to suit the eyes most not quite nice. This mobile phone still has a function that suits old people to use particularly, that is “ speech recites ” , after wanting to have simple setting on the mobile phone only, a760 can recite news of received diction of short message full text come out! If want to contact old friend, should read aloud the person name in script for story telling giving report only, arrive with respect to meeting switch in the information of this contact, these need not type speech message beforehand.
5. SamSung SGH-X458
Screen of this mobile phone is big and bright-coloured, the indication ability of 65K and exceeding old style is the reason that we recommend, because old people is right functional requirement is not tall, these memorandum of comprehensive calendar, notebook, alarm clock, speech, accordingly ordinary function more suffer old people to favor.

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