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Senile things reachs relevant policy
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“ should make lose the parental children, old person that does not have source of income and disabled, get more care and help, let them experience the warmth of socialistic big family. When Wen Jiabao of premier of ” the State Council makes afore-mentioned commitment in the governmental working report this year, got the 2927 celebrity of the conference represent the applause that the prolonged of committee member of many 2000 the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference with conference of attend as a nonvoting delegate does not cease greatly attending National People's Congress of 10 whole nations 4 times. Governmental working report of the premier is in main this year task from 8 respects establish multinomial the working target that involves old people.
Two years on Feburary 9 the aged of whole nation of transmit of general office of the State Council appoint the office and hair change appoint wait for a branch " about accelerating development provide for the aged serves opinion of course of study " announcement, advance focal point of the following jobs: (one) grow enterprise of senile social welfare further, (2) develop social provide for the aged to serve an orgnaization energetically, (3) encourage development to reside an old person to serve business, (4) supportive development old age nurses, mortal consideration serves business, (5) development of market of things of stimulative old age, (6) strengthen education to groom, raise provide for the aged to serve personnel quality.
Home “ home has old, everybody is met old ” . Take the height of senile problem seriously as our country government, hopeful of industry of Chinese the aged brings into national industry to develop course. We predict to be in not far in the future, consciousness of socialization of the aged industry still will increase considerably, the aged industry is able to grow large-scaly accordingly. We are OK even and fatidical: As our country modern degree rise ceaselessly, times of socialization of the aged industry arrives in the future namely. The experience of; developed country tells us, the aged industry is ” of “ argent industry, it is aged one of vigor, industries that have development outlook most are had most in the society. The aged industry is the concept of a very wide extensive, include market of market of market of senile house market, senile medical treatment, senile travel, senile health care, old age to attend market of interpose of service market, senile costume market, senile culture market, senile marriage. Industry of “ the aged whether real progress rises, from go up at all tell depend on the consumptive ability of old people. The demand market of old people of ” our country has grown sufficient, at present year of consumption ability of old people already achieved 400 billion yuan, and senile market is supplied have 50 billion yuan every year only. The data that according to countrywide the aged working committee provides shows, demand of senile 2005 market is 600 billion yuan, will achieve 1 trillion yuan 2010, tremendous business chance exists between supply and demand. To the foreground of industry of our country the aged, chinese old age learns to learn vice-chairman Zhao Bao Hua to point out, to 2010, amount of pension of our country old people will achieve 838.3 billion yuan, two thousand eight hundred and forteen billion five hundred million yuan will be achieved when 2020, want to have the product of old person demand only, these capital will enter consumptive market for the most part, ” of industry of “ silver hair will greet golden age surely.
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