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Shanghai raises retiree wage: "Enterprise " than " career " add 40 yuan more tha
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Shanghai labor and social security bureau announced retiree salary to grow way a few days ago, its window is to be on the base that increases generally, enterprise retiree increases 40 yuan more than every months each than institution retiree.

Close period of time, each district a few retiree about “ company facilities the comment of double day ” appears from time to tome. Labor ensures the circumstance of sectional control to make clear, be in partial industry and enterprise, the annuities pay of enterprise retiree and institution retiree is put in more apparent difference.

Considering afore-mentioned circumstances, shanghai go up this when moving retiree salary, like be the same as in former years no longer “ all and add ” , tilt somewhat to enterprise retiree however. Relevant document puts forward clearly, raising basic old-age pension according to relevant measure besides, “ enterprise retiree raises basic old-age pension again technically every months each 40 yuan of ” .

It is reported, shanghai increases everybody this every months the policy of basic annuities, involve retiree of 280 much town industries of whole town, institution. Addition specific measure, cent adds ” and “ to add ” especially for “ general two parts: “ general adds ” namely everybody increases 55 yuan first, make fixed number of year according to him labour again, every increase 1 yuan 1 year completely; “ adds ” especially is to emeritus prior personnel tilts, give above of 70 one full year of life, month basic old-age pension the “ of senile old person that is less than 2000 yuan is special increase ” , particular way is 70 to fixed number of year of job of staff of 74 one full year of life every increase 1 yuan 1 year completely, 75 to fixed number of year of job of staff of 79 one full year of life every increase 2 yuan 1 year completely, every increase 80 one full year of life and fixed number of year of above staff job 1 year completely 3 yuan.

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