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Relation of Henan endowment insurance can follow a worker " bring into play "
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Rose on October 1, henan is provincial the 7.8 million worker that joins endowment insurance, scale of fee of base of its pay cost, pay and enjoy wage level “ end of a bowl of water makes the same score ” . This province will be unified inside complete province limits attemper and use company worker primary endowment insurance plans as a whole fund, endowment insurance relation can follow a worker together “ brings ” into play.

According to introducing, henan saves business endowment insurance to plan as a whole at implementing city step on July 1, 2005, but because plan as a whole administrative levels is inferior, the likelihood affects those who leave retired worker annuities on time full specified amount extends.

Since October 1, henan company worker is basic endowment insurance is provincial will execute “ as a whole the fundamental pattern of 5 unified ” , it is namely inside complete province limits, organization of the institution that the enterprise turns management and business of of all kinds town and its worker, its worker, microeconomic reachs his to integrate system of primary endowment insurance from personnel of course of study and personnel of flexible obtain employment, cost of primary endowment insurance leads unified industry, unified raise money and manage use fund, consolidate orgnaization of endowment insurance agency and staff management, unified execute basic annuities socialization to extend.

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