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Before the Spring Festival is being moved on annuities, reach the designated pos
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Labor ensures a ministry 14 days to announce, ensure the golden hair of basic provide for the aged after will be adjusted before the Spring Festival 2008 is put in enterprise retiree hand.
Via approval of the State Council, labor ensures ministry, Ministry of finance to allotted an announcement jointly recently, the decision rises from January 1, 2008, the enterprise retiree that deals with emeritus formalities to the regulation is pressed before December 31, 2007 raises basic annuities level.
Labor ensures department chief to point out, adjust this adopt be adjusted generally and special the method that adjusts photograph union. Adjust horizontal general prep above 2007. Fixed number of year, capture will be expended to expend the link up with such as level and age with the capture of retiree when adjusting.
Labor safeguard ministry is held 14 days adjusted enterprise retiree 2008 conference of video of basic annuities job, ask each district is sure to take seriously highly, regard politics as the task its, cogent strengthen constituent leader, make working plan, fulfil working responsibility, on the foundation that calculates seriously, clutch make adjust plan and the organization is carried out.
Labor ensures a ministry to be begged even, each district enlarges endowment insurance to cover a range hard, strengthen fund to collect pay, rise as a whole administrative levels, adjust government spending structure, increase accessorial to endowment insurance strength, increase company worker the disbursement of fund of primary endowment insurance ability, after be adjust next dozen of solid bases two years.
The whole nation has retiree of 4000 much businesses. According to deploy of the State Council, came 2005 2007, retiree of our country enterprise is basic pension standard is successive already on move 3 years, came to will continue to move 3 years 2010 2008, and go up before amplitude modulation prep above 3 years.
From labor safeguard ministry understands, every months of average per capita already increased countrywide enterprise retiree this year basic annuities is controlled 90 yuan. Predict 2010, overall and character, month of countrywide enterprise retiree all basic annuities will exceed 1200 yuan.

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