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Teach you how to buy endowment insurance for oneself
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Teach you how to buy endowment insurance for oneself


Chinese traditional culture advocates all along “ is much child much happiness ” , and ” of this “ blessing comes from “ to raise the notion that defends old ” . However today, it is to the life for the people of town, rely on type of this one party how to spend old age already not “ mainstream ” —— weighs eve of in relief section this year, the investigation of a network that Chinese youth newspaper office can investigate center and Sohu news center to be carried out jointly shows, “ still is held to raise in sufferring many 5000 inquirer that visit the person that prevents old ” idea has been been less than 4% , and the person of 57% feels provide for the aged is returned so that “ relies on him additional assemble money ” .

Considering this second investigation is to pass a network to undertake, and crowd of ” of “ touch net likely dispute farming, city, youth, because this can say only, this one result represented the idea of provide for the aged that young resident city turns. So, the kid in the city nowadays, will not count on child provide for the aged henceforth, is vivid to retired young man confidence built where be? Commercial endowment insurance should be a good way.

Form of commercial endowment insurance how?

Commercial endowment insurance is to hold a kind of of insurance of be satisfactory to both sides of life and death and pension insurance characteristic special form concurrently actually.

Insurance company and the person that buy endowment insurance can agree one begins to get the time of annuities normally, before this time, insurant death or total damage, insurance company agrees by the contract pay insurance gold.

In the meantime, bilateral conference agrees an annuities gets the time of the end, it is in this deadline death (or total damage) , also can give commonly pay die insurance gold; Spent this time, when insurant still lives, insurance company agrees Fu Man period is safe by contract even gold.

Favorite person life rolled out newly also recently the name is “ annuity of auspicious abundant travel is safe (share out bonus) the product of provide for the aged of ” , through Shanghai representative of company of big insurance representative is sold. This insurance is cast when protecting can the need after the basis is emeritus and pay cost ability drop the time that keeps amount and annuities to get certainly, can be in add ever since favorite person life special distinctive is of all kinds health and accident danger product.

Accrual of commercial endowment insurance how?

Although “ business endowment insurance is run dovish, safeguard sex is good, but can yield on the low side? ” uses commercial endowment insurance to raise money emeritus life gold, many people may have such doubt.
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