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Teach you how to buy endowment insurance for oneself
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But as what promulgate before 3 months " a certain number of opinions that the State Council develops about insurance reform " (common says 10 ”) point out “ country clearly: “ otherwise snaps the channel that widens insurance fund is applied and range, urge insurance fund market of capital of direct or indirect investment, increase investment proportion stage by stage; Support commercial bank of insurance fund share; Support the ” such as the investment outside insurance fund area. Whole insurance is cheering hearten, because of fetters and handcuffs old insurance fund can lend this good chance eventually, gain the opportunity of the large on capital market base that exhibit a fist. To insurance company, the happiness that the infinite likelihood that this means gains of prospective insurance capital to grow and company profit grow anticipates.

It is so for henceforth, what use platform as insurance fund is ceaseless and patulous, and the scale limitation that invests security market is broken through ceaselessly, the insurance that includes to undertake possibly henceforth books interest rate to commercialize, the yield of insurance fund should can rise somewhat, the earnings level of commercial endowment insurance also can go high.

Who does commercial endowment insurance suit to buy?

Commercial endowment insurance regards pair of societies as the complement of endowment insurance, generally speaking, the personage of contented and following condition suits to buy commercial endowment insurance:

Above all the age shoulds not be too small or too big, buy endowment insurance in 16~50 one full year of life commonly had better. 16 one full year of life explain he has entered working age, can have an independent economic income. 50 years old of above are cast keep a cost rate is exorbitant. Although what the product allows some of endowment insurance is cast,protect the age to may exceed 50 one full year of life, but join the age when protecting too big, the insurance premium that requires capture to pay is corresponding also taller, it is adverse to the policy-holder of adjacent already and emeritus age. Of course, if the condition of economic capacity license falls, the age also can be cast greatly relatively defend endowment insurance, can consider one-time pay cost to cast right now protect.

Purchaser should have enough income. After deducting the endowment insurance that needs pay to expend in order to, your income must the daily life need that can satisfy you. Cannot because of buy commercial endowment insurance and make your normal standard of living is couldn't get contented.

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