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The old person appeals law results from most probably provide for
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The old person appeals law results from most probably provide for



In all sorts of legal assistance case that the old person offers, provide for problem occupied 78 become —— unexpectedly recently, the reporter visits law of division of Nanjing incredible connecting with the boxing skill to help a center, first of the case that discovers provide for issue resides old person Shen Yuan high.

The concerned chief that helps a center according to law of division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill introduces, in the legal assistance case that offers in all old people, provide for problem is occupied 78 into the left and right sides, greatly tower above is other the scale of case; Other and ordinal it is house property dispute, medical treatment dispute, and the old person remarries problem of rights and interests.

In interview, reporter discovery, because many old people lack legal knowledge, often was gotten easily chance. The case of registered arms of company counsel king to list his place to receive to the reporter Shen Yuan of a few old people of office of law of Nanjing lock gold, remind old person dimension authority wants to beware “ trap ” .

Case 1: Missive house otherwise is answered

Wang Mou of 68 years old remarries time experience children rejects, core contradiction is his one ring room. To reduce issue, wang Mou decides to give a son house transfer ownership. Because those who deal with given notarization is in to collect fees in notarization,compare expensive, wang Mou and son chose to go house property bureau, with the means of deal agreement, gave a son house transfer ownership, and after house of come to an agreement or understanding gives a son, the son should be kind to him husband and wife two. But after Wang Mou remarries, feel the son is bad to him, under stretch, want to want the house to answer, the son does not agree. When application law helps, wang Mou says, it is Wang Mou sells his the house with 100 thousand yuan of price on deal agreement child, but this is to take a form only, actually the son did not give him one minute money. But its child say however, 100 thousand yuan had paid father, father is non-privileged should answer housing.

Wang Bing comments on: A lot of old people are when the house property problem of processing and children, it is oral go up it is good to me to say you, I give you, next given, without any written agreements; When children is bad to oneself, want to want the house to come back again, extremely difficult. So the old person is about to have legal consciousness at the beginning, want to reach written agreement with children, let it be in jural become effective.

Case 2: Signed a file to still do not know oneself

Zhang Mou's husband and wife two many years old 80, analphabetic. Buy a house with 100 thousand yuan, because the action is disadvantageous, entrust a daughter to deal with. After the house is bought, the daughter does not give tardy 2 often treat house property disease. House property bureau goes inquiring after old person be suspicious, discovery bought the householder on card of room house property newly to become its daughter awesomely. House property bureau calls formalities of change the name of owner in a register everything all ready, and Zhang Mou says to never had dealt with formalities of change the name of owner in a register. Just know later, when its daughter deals with formalities of change the name of owner in a register, showed an a power of attorney that with Zhang Mou name writes, say to entrust piece of some wife to deal with formalities above; And Zhang Mou wife says, she is taken to be worn by the daughter really Zhang Mou unit, have been to to house property bureau, but oneself do not know a word, the daughter also did not say what to do with her, it is the daughter calls her to press a fingerprint to press a fingerprint only, build a chapter to build a rule.
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