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The old person appeals law results from most probably provide for
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Wang Bing comments on: A few old people suffer as a result of state of literacy rate, body be restricted, often easy by children exploit an advantage, eat to have a deficit greatly on the issue that handles property. When some children take an old person to sign legal contract, tell an old person specific content far from, let an old person suffer muddle-headedly cheat. So, concerned branch should be more discreet, be in especially house property of old person sell one's own things when, must talk alone with the old person, among them terrible it is clear to be told with the old person, cannot seek procedures only all ready, hear the talk of filial one side only.

Case 3: Remarry quickly cause contradiction

Zhao Mou of 70 years old knew Chen Mou via person introduction, a few month hind remarry. After marriage, chen Mou discovers Zhao Mou behaviour is bad, often take a woman to come home, return and rent the lodger of the room is seduced, want to divorce, because Zhao Mou is afraid of minute of belongings to refuse. Later, chen Mou falls ill be in hospital, zhao Mou does not pay medical treatment fee, still do not let Chen Mou take the door. Two people live apart full two years, the court adjudicates a divorce, zhao Mou does not agree to give money, chen Mou has bitter taste, very regret.

Wang Bing comments on: When the old person remarries cannot treat sb without proper respect, must discreet, get along a few longer, marry again after each other knowledge is thorough, also can try to live together. Notarization of the belongings before marriage had better be done before marriage, avoid in the future dispute.

When interviewing, wang Bing says, the dimension authority consciousness of the old person is stronger and stronger now, know the rights and interests that will ensure oneself through legal order, this is meddlesome; But the old person must have in advance consciousness, seek advice from relevant law in detail when beginning to handle belongings issue, order of law of careful according to works, avoided to be gotten the afterthought after chance not is reached.

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